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The Power of You, Living Full Out

Some thoughts from watching women artists at an alumni event:

As I watched these women perform with soul and passion, I was reminded how powerful it is to put ourselves out in the world, full out.

I’m pretty good about facing my fears. It’s a professional standard for me. 

When I transform my own blocks and fears, it lets me hold my clients to the same standard–so they can face their big fears and get big results. 

And yet.

When I saw these women perform, I could feel the ways I was still holding back. 

Subtle fears of failure. Subconscious assumptions about what I can do. Moments where I turn away because I’m afraid of failure.

With these women, I felt the power of passion and boldness.

They weren’t perfect. They were willing.

Willing to step on stage and put their energy out into the world, BIG. Willing to step out in life, BIG.

The same is possible for each of us.

If you’re afraid, if you’re holding back, if you’re thinking “I’m not good enough” or “What if I fail?”, remember this:

There is power in who you are. There is such power in being ALL of who you are. Bold. Proud. Out loud.

Let’s do it.

The Key to Breaking Out as an Artist

Wouldn’t you LOVE to get past being an “emerging writer”… and finally emerge? 😉 

Or stop being an artist with so much (unrealized!) “potential”–and have success instead?

Wouldn’t you rather be the songwriter with a breakout hit or the author with a Pulitzer prizewinning book?

So here’s my belief about breaking through:

You might think you need more talent or technique or time working on your craft…

…but maybe what’s REALLY preventing your breakthrough is some dynamic within you.

Maybe your internal desire for harmony keeps you from bringing out the drama in a story–so that you write beautifully written books that don’t compel your readers.

Maybe your avoidance of failure keeps you from taking the big creative risk with your music or art.  

Maybe your intellectual approach to life keeps you from diving deep into the heart-searing truth… so your films appeal to professors but never pull in big audiences. 

(Do you tell yourself you’re not a “commercial” artist and that true art doesn’t sell? The truth is, there are plenty of artists who are critically AND commercially successful… so if you wouldn’t mind big checks coming in, read on. 😉 )

The truth is, when your creative career is still in the same place despite years (or decades!) of honing your craft and technique, there’s almost definitely something bigger at play: a persistent dynamic within you.

Think of this dynamic as a rock inside you. 

It’s built up over time because of your beliefs, emotional patterns, family or cultural stories, ancestral trauma lodged in the body, or vows carried in your professional or spiritual lineage. 

These are the “ecosystem” and landscape that created this rock inside you.

Unless you change the ecosystem that created the “rock,” the underlying dynamic (your lack of success) will continue. 

And unless you change the ecosystem itself, it doesn’t matter how many insights you have in therapy or how good you feel after a workshop: whatever keeps you from breaking through as an artist will reassert itself.

(You’ve experienced that, right? You’re alight with insight, your mind and heart blown open. You’re at the top of a mountain, breathing clear fresh air and seeing so far. Then a month later… nothing much has changed.)

But it IS possible to change your internal ecosystem–quickly. 

One of my clients was having trouble creating, dealing with a lot of self-doubt and procrastination. 

In a one-hour session, we completely shifted that. She let go of what was holding her back and connected with her “creative edge.” 

Just based on that one session, she started producing much more–and getting published regularly in The New Yorker. A year later, her book came out. It’s been over five years now, and she’s still going strong.

If you want to finally break through as an artist, the Creative Witchery Success Activation is designed to help you do just that.

It reveals why you’ve unknowingly plateaued or blocked your creative potential…

…transforms the core block that keeps you from doing your highest level work for more profit and recognition,

… and opens you to channel the work that leads to the big publications, prizes, and money.

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I can’t wait to celebrate your breakthrough success with you!!

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Mud into Magic: Mining Last Year’s Failures for This Year’s Success

I’m excited to let you know the Mud into Magic ritual is back on the calendar! It’s happening Monday, January 13 at 1 pm ET.

Here’s how Mud into Magic was inspired: Every new year, so many of us start out with hopeful new goals, and then as we get pulled into the stresses and busyness of their lives, we fall into autopilot and start to lose momentum and hope on our big, ambitious goals.

Recognize this? 

Maybe you even feel it already. Nine days into 2020, and you feel the slowdown of your momentum towards your big goal.

You WANT this to be the year you…

…Publish the novel that wins you the industry awards and changes your career. 

…Get exhibited in the galleries you dream about.

…Write the song that takes off virally.

But, things happen. You get an extra assignment from your client. Your son needs help with a project. You get an awful cold.

You don’t do what you said you would, and you start to feel bad. Will this year be like every other year?

One reason we don’t reach our goals: We haven’t truly dealt with the failures and regrets of the past year–and the dynamics that caused them. 

Maybe you did some journaling–listed your failures, your learnings, and what you’ll do differently. 

All this is great, but it’s not enough.

Unless you energetically come to terms with–and let go of–what led to failure and regret last year, your new learnings stay on the mental level. 

You know what you “should” do, but when fear, self-doubt, or stress come up, it’s easy for you to fall into “autopilot” and react in the old ways. Over time, this means you don’t reach your big goals.

In Mud into Magic, we’ll truly release last year’s regrets and failures… so you can open up for success this coming year.

That success could be whatever you want.

Making enough money to let go of your day job and JUST do your art. 

Finishing the breakout film that goes on to win awards. 

Getting on The New York Times’ bestseller list.

Mud into Magic: Mining Last Year’s Failures for This Year’s Success

Mon 1/13 at 1 pm ET

This circle will be livestreamed from the Artist in Action Facebook group, so to be part of the circle, join the group now.

“I finally did it!”

“I finally broke out of the commercial work and did my real creative work!”

“I thought was too old… but I finally finished my novel–and it will be published this year.”  

“After years of trying, I finished my TV pilot.” 

“Last year, I only finished two pieces–this year, it was twenty!”

Do you want to look back on 2020 and say these words? 

You can–even if you’ve tried heroically to reach your creative goals… but haven’t succeeded.

The truth is, you CAN turn your creative visions into reality.

There are just a few reasons people don’t reach their creative goals:

#1: They don’t know what to do or how to do it.

For this one, all you need is information and guidance–someone to listen to what you want and help you lay out the steps. (Sometimes this lack of knowledge is the problem and you don’t even know it—you just feel intimidated or uncertain, and you’re holding back.)

#2: They can’t get through the blocks

There are basically five kinds of blocks that can stop you.

* Physical blocks, like not having enough time, money, energy, or space to do your creative work.

* Emotional blocks, like fear, anxiety, or self-criticism.

* What I call “energetic blocks”—not having the courage, determination, passion, or “fire in the belly” to get it done.  

* Mental blocks, or beliefs like “I can’t do it,” “I can’t be an artist and a good parent,” “It’s impossible to make money as a writer/musician/artist,” and “People will laugh at me.”

* Spiritual blocks: Not trusting yourself to make decisions, or not knowing how to listen to your inner guidance.

All these problems can be solved.

They can seem overwhelming when you consider them all at once, but for each problem, there is a solution.

Even the blocks you’ve had for years, the ones that seem like octopuses with so many waving tentacles, are things you can get through. Truly.

#3: They don’t have the right support—someone who can guide them through the blocks and help them keep going when “stuff comes up.”

Support is the #1 factor that separates struggle from success.

Personally, I could not have gotten where I am (in my creative work, business, and life) without a LOT of support. These days, I work with at least one coach/mentor, and often up to three or four at a time (because different coaches have different strengths, and I’m a big believer in getting all the support I need).

I’ve spent well over $100,000 on my own personal development and training, and I attribute a huge part of my success to that.

Without coaching support, it’s easy to get stuck in your own limitations. We all have them, and unless we identify them and find ways to grow beyond them, we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over, with the same unsatisfying results.

I’ve been helping people do their creative work for years, and I can assure you of two things: 1) you’re not alone, and 2) you can get past what’s blocking you.

The truth is, what blocks you is similar to what blocks everyone else—and these blocks are things you can get through.

(Yes, what gets in your way is yours alone because you’re a unique person with your own individual history and soul, but all blocks have common elements—and solutions.)

Other people have gotten through obstacles like yours. They’ve started doing their true creative work—and thriving. And you can too. You just have to decide—truly decide, like a commitment to your soul—that you will.

P.S. Want to create your breakthrough masterpiece this year? Email me and ask about the CREATE! Mastermind.

The Most Overlooked Step You Need for Success in 2020

Do you know the most important–but most overlooked–step you need to call in all the creative (and other) success you want in the new year? 

This step lets you get past the pattern of repeating the same mistakes and same disappointing results over and over, year after year.

It clears out the disappointment, self-blame, and worry that you’ll never reach your creative goals.

It creates an opening for joy, confidence, and anticipation. 

It gives you a foundation for success.

What is that step? 

It’s looking at your regrets and mining them for the gold within: what you need to succeed in the coming year.

It’s tempting to bypass this step–after all, regrets are uncomfortable, and we don’t want to get caught in negativity.

It’s tempting to look past those regrets and focus instead on the shiny, exciting part: all the good stuff we want in the new year. 

But, trying to launch into our goals without coming to terms with our regrets is like trying to begin a marathon with your feet still stuck in mud.

When we clear the regrets and disappointment in ourselves, we can discover the gold underneath: the true deep belief in ourselves–and the inner resources and opportunities–that will make our dreams real in 2020.

Coming soon: A virtual circle

*~* MUD INTO MAGIC: Turn Your Regrets into Success in 2020 *~*

In this circle, we’ll clear the regrets you’re holding about 2019 so you can stop repeating the same mistakes and patterns. 

We’ll also uncover the inner gold–the beliefs and steps you need to reach all your big creative goals in 2020.

I’ll be broadcasting from the Artist in Action Facebook group, so join us there!