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The “Magic” First Step to Doing Your Art–No Matter What

Wish you had some magic that would let you just DO your creative work… no matter what was going on in your life?

I get it. Everyday life can be a sandstorm blowing in your face: So many daily responsibilities like endless grains of dust and grit… your art can get buried in it all and then swept aside for weeks, months, or even YEARS.

For years I was in this situation, and I was desperate for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help me write.

So… surprise, surprise: There was no Harry Potter-style magic spell for this. 

BUT there was a simple thing that made all the difference–and unlocked the magical results I wanted.

Now, before I get there, I want to let you know: This might sound too simple. Or you might think, “Yeah, yeah, I know that. But I can’t manage to actually DO that.” Or “Sure, of course that works. But I don’t know HOW to do that.”

Here’s the thing: If you use take this step, it works.

This magical step is the first thing–the foundation that your whole artistic career is built on. 

It doesn’t answer every question, solve every fear, heal every wound, outline every “to do.” In fact, it does NONE of those things. 

What DOES it do?

It shoots a ball of energy into the Universe–and creates an opening so all the resources, support, and guidance you need can come in.

So… ready for the magic?

The magic step is CHOICE. 

CHOOSING, TRULY CHOOSING to do your creative work, no matter what.

I chose. 

Even if I was scared of failing, even if I was worried about money, even if I didn’t have all my “issues” resolved or my traumas healed, even if part of me was terrified I’d discover I just wasn’t good enough.

When you truly COMMIT to your creative work, the magic begins. 

You say, “I will do my true creative work–and have the life I want.”

And you say, “Yes, and.”

“Yes, I don’t know how or if I can make money doing my creative work, and yes, I can see all the ways my writing isn’t good enough yet, and yes, I got rejected by a mediocre lit mag last week. AND I’m still going to write.”

“Yes, the roof just sprang a leak, and yes, my son is home sick, and I have three things that have to go out today. AND I can do my creative work.”

This is how magic works. 

You make the commitment, you hold the vision, you open to possibilities. 

You feel your discomfort and fear–and expand beyond your comfort zone. You take aligned action.

Sometimes the next actions are obvious, and sometimes they’ll be shrouded in mystery. 

Sometimes the solutions are immediate, and sometimes they take more time. 

But, you stay constant through it, holding the vision of your creative work and the life you want, making it a priority, challenging yourself to open, to do things in new ways.

You will get there.

Choose your creative work. Choose your true desire. And let it begin.

P.S. The secret about choice: When you truly make the decision, the opportunities and resources you need appear. 

You might be wondering, now that I’ve chosen my art, how do I actually make it happen? 

I’ve got something that can help. 🙂 

I looked at everything I tried over the years to get myself writing–and brought the best of it together into specially-designed program.

Artist in Action helps talented, ambitious writers and artists get past their obstacles–with time, competing responsibilities, or procrastination and avoidance. 

They find time for their creative work, generate powerful momentum, and do their creative work regularly and easily–even when they have full family lives, “commercial” work or day jobs, or a long history of dealing with creative blocks.

Artist in Action is where the magic of commitment meets practical guidance.

You get exactly what you need to get into action, doing your art, right away–so you can go from wanting to do your art… to actually doing it, day in and day out, no matter what.

Want to find out more? Email me!

The Mindset that Gets You Through Obstacles to Your Art

When you run into obstacles with your creative work, know this: There’s a much easier way through.

A little while ago, I watched my younger son in swim class. There he was, swimming as hard as he could to get from the wall to the island, struggling to stay up, sinking, coming up for a breath, turning to the teacher for a breather, then throwing his arms forward, kicking and kicking until he finally reached the island.

I felt such love for him and his little body, swimming so hard and with all his might.

Maybe you’re like my son.

There you are, working with all your might to do your creative work (in the face of your internal resistance, your fears, your perfectionism, all the things you have to do for your kids, your job, your family…).

Sometimes flailing, sometimes coming up for air, working with all your might to get where you want to go.

But, you don’t need to do it on your own.

Would you throw your child into the water and expect her to swim?

(Maybe your parents or grandparents learned the “old school” way, but isn’t it nicer and more helpful to teach our kids how to swim–and give them support and guidance as they learn??)

The same is true of your creative work.

Why make yourself go it alone? Why make it hard for yourself?

I’ve heard clients tell me, “I want to work with you again, but I’m embarrassed. I feel like I should be able to do this on my own.”

I want to offer a loving reframe: There is no SHOULD. There’s only what leads to a worse life or a better life.

I’ve been working with coaches and mentors myself since 1997. Often I work with three or four at a time. I do this because I want to live the best life I can. I invest in support to help myself do that.

I could go it alone, but that would be a waste of my precious time and life energy.

There is no SHOULD. There’s only what leads to a worse life or a better life. I could go it alone, but that would be a waste of my precious time and life energy.

If it’s hard for you to do your creative work, that’s because there’s a bunch of stuff in your way. Fears. The constant sandstorm of your “to do list.” Staying up late so you’re too tired to do your creative work in the morning before you’ve got to get the kids to school. All of it.

You COULD spend another five or ten (or twenty!) years pushing against all that.

Or, you could get a coach–and spend those years doing your creative work. 

You could enjoy your work. Have a successful creative career. Give your creativity to the world as a gift.

Will you choose your creativity?

Will you choose yourself?

Will you choose a better life?

P.S. If you want to start doing your creative work EASILY (and you want to do it NOW, not in a year or two or ten!), ask me about the Artist in Action program.

I’ve created Artist in Action to help talented, ambitious writers and artists do their work easily and consistently–even when they have full family lives, “commercial” work or day jobs, or a long history of dealing with creative blocks. 

Interested? Email me!

Got a Creative Project You’ve Been Trying to Finish? THIS IS FOR YOU

Is there a chapter you’ve been meaning to write for months? 

A section of your screenplay you can’t seem to nail? 

A song you’ve been wanting to dig into for ages? 

Maybe you’ve tried and tried, but can never quite get to it. Or there’s something about it that’s intimidating… or some solution that’s just beyond your reach.

Time is passing, and this project STILL isn’t done. It’s draining and demoralizing. It saps your confidence and momentum. Will you EVER get it done?

If only you could just get over the hump, break through the obstacles, and DO it.

So… what if you had a DEDICATED DAY, WITH COACHING SUPPORT, to get it done?

This is what you get with the Get Your Creative Work Done Day.

You’ll get dedicated time to finally get your project done.

Set goals, then spend time doing your writing or art–supported throughout the day with spot coaching to help you stay in PURE CREATION MODE.

(You’ll be boosted by the energy of your fellow writers and artists… all working from their own homes and studios, all held in the same virtual circle, in a collective outpouring of creative work.)

You’ll make major progress—or even finish—a project you’ve been trying to do for months or even years. 

The Get Your Creative Work Done Day is a special gift for you if you join the Artist in Action Program by Wednesday, November 20. If you step in by that date, I’ll include the day in your program, totally free.

Imagine how it’ll feel to get over the hump and make major headway on your creative project–or even get it completely done! 

It creates major momentum that carries forward into every aspect of your artistic career and life, boosting you for weeks and months.

It boosts your energy for creation, making other projects easy to start–and carry through.

It amps up your confidence, making you magnetic to editors, gallery owners, producers, investors, collaborators, colleagues, clients, and more.

Combine all that with the Artist in Action program, where you will discover exactly how to get your creative work done regularly–even if you have kids, a day job or commercial work, or an incredibly busy life. 

Ask yourself, what will be possible for your creative work?

If you want in, email me!

Doing Your Art… Even Under Less-Than-Ideal Conditions

The days are colder and darker, and night falls earlier. We draw our coats close against the chill.

Sometimes our life or art goes through periods like this too. The dark times, the cold times. Do we stop creating at those times?

The trees have stopped bearing fruit and flower. They drop their leaves. Their branches are bare against the wind.

What about us, in times of sickness or trouble or uncertainty? In times when we are walking through darkness, not knowing what is next? 

Photo by Kimon Maritz on Unsplash

Rest is one answer. The body and soul need recuperation. Rest is part of the rhythm of life, like sleeping and waking.

And yet, we are creators still. Even during the dark times, our creative spirit is there. 

One of my clients is going through a tough time. She’s been diagnosed with something, and it’s scary and hard. There are teary days and tough days. 

And still, her artist self is strong. She’s channeling her emotions into her art, continuing with her creative work, day after day.

What I want you to know–what I want everyone to know–is that you don’t need the optimum conditions to create. 

What I want you to know is, you don’t need the optimum conditions to create. 

Your life doesn’t have to be completely in order, with your ideal income, the right childcare or household support, the perfect health or relationship or community or home. 

Yes, these things make it easier, and yes, we work towards them. 

But our art doesn’t have to wait. We are deeply creative beings. We create from the stuff of life. 

Masterpieces have been wrung from hardship, trauma, suffering… or from the mundane texture of everyday life.

Limitations can create a structure that inspires new brilliance. 

William Carlos Williams’ short poetic forms came about partly because he was a doctor and wrote his poems on prescription pads… and the Johnny Cash band developed their simple, distinctive guitar style because they didn’t have the skills to play something more complicated.

In mid-19th to 20th century Britain, the most privileged social groups were male, white, English, heterosexual, Christian, and bourgeois… yet of the most significant writers of that period, NOT ONE was a member of all those groups.

Your art comes from who you are. Who you are now–with your lived experiences, your privileges and oppressions, your wisdom and your “shortcomings,” your pain and your joy, your imperfect and human life.

You can do your art or writing or music right now… with what you have. 

It is enough, and you are enough.

P.S. If you need to develop your ability to do your creative work in the life you have, let’s connect. 

I’ve created the Artist in Action program to help talented, ambitious writers and artists do their work easily and consistently–even when they have full family lives, “commercial” work or day jobs, or a long history of dealing with creative blocks. 

If you want in, email me!

The Unconscious Habits that Sabotage Your Creative Work

Want to do your writing or art, even during the busiest times? 

Want to keep your momentum and creative work up… even when your kids are home from school, your partner is out of town, you’re preparing the house for visitors, and you’re fighting off a cold?

You can. 

There are some common pitfalls, but once you know how to handle them, it IS doable.

Last week, my kids were home for Election Day, my husband was away, and I was preparing the house for a new au pair, all while fighting off what I thought might be strep throat.

I was determined to keep writing my latest story, so I planned to go to bed early and get up at 5 a.m. 

As I was trying to get to bed, I noticed something: I was resisting… in a lot of small and subtle ways. 

There was a pushing feeling inside me–a desire to keep DOING things. 

Some were things I did have to do, like ordering groceries for the next day. But, I also felt other impulses come up: to answer an email, do another quick load of laundry, check in with my mastermind group, submit a story to a publication.

This is because one of the internal beliefs–handed down to me by generations of ancestors working the land in Taiwan—is “You have to work hard to survive.”

So naturally, even when it’s time to close down for the day, I have an internal urge to keep going and going… to squeeze in just one more thing.

But, if I had kept going and going, it would mean going to sleep late and then getting up too late to write… losing momentum… and feeling low on energy and “willpower.”

That could mean falling into another negative cycle the next day.

You have your own version of this dynamic.

You might have different circumstances, default beliefs, or pitfalls. 

However, when you try to do your art, you have an internal resistance that emerges. Old beliefs, stories, and habits come out, sabotaging your efforts and making it hard to succeed.

Sometimes these stories and habits play out unconsciously. Other times they play out DESPITE your conscious efforts to resist them.

Until you RECOGNIZE and HANDLE and ultimately SHIFT those habitual responses, they will keep slipping in. They will keep sabotaging your efforts to do your creative work.

By Andrey Kuzmin via Adobe Stock

My clients discover how to recognize their own hidden “habitual resistance” when it comes up (especially when it masquerades as “positive behavior” like taking care of their family).

They get good at stopping the self-sabotage and turning a negative habit into a positive one… so that day after day, they’re taking more photos, adding more pages to their novels, finishing the songs and screenplays and animations they’re meant to bring into the world.

If you want this for yourself, I’m opening a round of my Artist in Action program soon. 

You’ll figure out the unconscious habits that sabotage your creative work (especially when life gets busy!)–and how to transform them into habits that help you DO your art.

You’ll also master the fundamental steps to doing your art regularly and easily. You’ll find time for your creative work and generate the “creative excitement” and momentum to keep moving forward.

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with a full-on commitment to your creative work and career–a true, down-to-your-bones knowing that you are an artist in action. 

If you want in, email me!