The Creative Witchery Circle:
Magic, Action & Community for Your Creative Success

A monthly online membership circle to help you
BREAK through creative OBSTACLES
Do your CREATIVE WORK with confidence and joy
You want to do your creative work. 
To be who you were meant to be.

But, you get stopped. 
By fears that it's too late. That you're not good enough. That people will judge you.
That you can't do it and you'll fail.

Sometimes you think, "If only I could wave a magic wand
and get through that fear and just do the work. 
If only I could stop beating myself up... or distracting myself when I get to the hard parts... if only I could let out what's in there." 

Here's what I want you to know: There is magic you can do. 


The Creative Witchery Circle: 
Magic, Action & Community for Your Creative Success
I struggled for decades with writer's block, creative fears, and perfectionism. But from this struggle came a gift: I've spent 25 years diving into my creativity, transforming my fears, and working with creative blocks. Along the way, I got published, built a successful writing business, and began helping other creative people get through their blocks. Through my clients' experiences and my own, I've learned exactly what stops people from doing their creative work--and how to get the work flowing again. 

I’ve created The Creative Witchery Circle to help you find your way—and keep going with your creative work, week after week, month after month, year after year… until you’ve not only reached your goal but you’ve surpassed it! 

The Creative Witchery Circle is designed to get you past blocks and into the magic of creation. 

Magic, you see, is the art of shaping reality through your intent, consciousness, and state. This is what we’ll do in The Creative Witchery Circle. Using rituals, transformational work, and processes to “juice” your creativity--along with super-practical accountability, time management techniques, and action steps--you will create a new reality for yourself: one where you are doing your truest, best work and living the life you want.

Four times a month, you'll get once piece of easy-to-use support. We’ll cover everything from moving through creative blocks, to deepening your creativity, to getting through the doubts and distractions that keep you from actually following through.    

One week you might get a class teaching you principles that work like magic to succeed at one aspect of the creative process or the creative life. Another week we might do a deep ritual to clear powerful blocks. Another week we might have a guest artist sharing how they overcame obstacles or did their creative work. Another week you might get practical advice—with tips you can use every day to do your best creative work, or create the life you want. Or you might learn how to use play to go deeper into your work and find the inspiration for a key scene or piece you’re working on.

It's all easy to digest—much of the content is 15-30 minutes, with other pieces (rituals, Q&A sessions, guest interviews) that may run longer. All of it is accessible online, and you can download it at any time. 

So no matter what your schedule or lifestyle, The Circle will support you to do your creative work. I invite you to click below and join us!! I can’t wait to support your creativity—and celebrate your success! 

Join us now…

Before I was just dreaming and hoping… now I have a creative career and my own website to showcase my works of art. 

“Before I started coaching with Emmeline, I felt very unhappy with my job. I’m such a creative person, but for years I had not drawn or painted or sculpted. I wasn’t being creative at all, and I also spent so much time helping people that I didn’t have time to do all the fun things I wanted to do. I felt like my goals were so complicated to accomplish, and I didn’t know where to begin.

Emmeline made the steps of changing seem effortless. She coached me in creative ways, designed for my hectic, stressful life. She helped me decide on a career change, to figure out the pros and cons. This was a daunting decision to make, but I am so much happier at work. Everyone comments on my happier out look and smile on my face. She also opened up a window for me to stand in my worth, and I made back the money I had put into the life coaching with Emmeline.

Now I have a creative career and my own website to showcase my works of art that in the past no one had seen. I am starting to create my new animated film with a Women’s Animation Group in NYC. I draw every day. It feels fantastic. Before I was just dreaming and hoping, but now I’m actually creating art, making connections, and getting people involved to help me.

~Gina Bari

Here's what you'll receive each month

Four pieces of Creative Witchery support (about one per week). This might include:
  • A Creative Witcheryminiclass: I'll introduce one fundamental principle of creation and the particular magic behind it--and show you exactly how to apply that principle to do your best creative work... and create the life you want.
  • A Creative Witcheryritual:​Join me in a virtual circle for powerful emotional, spiritual, and magical work. You'll transform your fears, go deep into your creativity, and connect to courage and inspiration--so you can create the work and life you truly want.
  • Play inspiration: Play is one of the magical keys to creativity. I'll guide you in crafting a play experience to bring your soul alive--and connect you to your fullest creative self.
  • Practical guidance and real-life tips: Real action steps, tips, life practices, and approaches that have worked for me and other writers, artists, and creative people. You'll get a peek behind the curtain to learn from our mistakes and struggles--and benefit from our experience and wisdom.
  • Real-life success stories and case studies​from working artists. Get inspired by what others have done... and get new ideas for approaching your creative work and life!
  • Workshops to help you plan, create, or do your best work!
  • Magical excavation exercises to get to the root of blocks--and help you move through them to creative inspiration.
  • Transmissions or clearings to dissolve energetic and spiritual blocks.
  • And it's all easy to access and digest! All content is designed to fit into your life. Each week you'll get access to one piece of Creative Witchery content. It's all recorded, accessible online and downloadable, so you can work your creative magic when it's convenient for you. You also have the option of attending events like the monthly ritual live.
If you could do your true creative work,  
what would that be worth to you? 

I’ve invested over well $100,000 in my own training, growth, and professional development (NOT including college and graduate school). And, now I’m sharing the inner “secrets” I’ve used to help my high end clients do their creative work and create lives they LOVE.

My private clients know the incredible results they've gotten (creative careers, agents, dramatically increased income--and most importantly, the amazing feeling of knowing you are doing your true creative work). And now, I've decided to make my support more widely available. 

When you consider what doing your creative work could do for your life (the sheer joy of doing what makes your heart soar, the absolute pride in BEING someone who makes a big impact, the freedom of finally following your OWN path, the ecstatic creativity and joy of being the Real You)… how often you can use the support from this circle (every day, and in every aspect of your life)… and how easy I’ve made it for you to participate (convenient access on your own schedule), ask yourself: isn't it worth it to get yourself the support you need?

Click on the button below to join...

Only $57 per month 
or $597 annually 
(Join now to lock this price: It WILL go up for those who step in later.) 

I am living the good life I envisioned for myself... I make more money freelancing on fulfilling projects than I did at my job and I'm writing consistently and productively.

“When I started with Emmeline, I had decided to quit my well paying job to pursue more fulfilling work, had been unable to write consistently for months, and felt as if I wasn’t making the decisions about where to take my life. Now, I can say happily that I am LIVING the good life I envisioned for myself at the start of our work together. A year later, I make MORE money freelancing on fulfilling projects than I did at my job and I’m writing consistently and productively.

Emmeline’s clear-headed, creative problem-solving have helped me to stay on track, always heading toward my goals, making adjustments when necessary but always moving forward. Her advice has changed my writing habits immensely — helping me become WAY more productive than I was in the past. And our visioning sessions have been very potent, helping me clearly “steer my ship” through life decisions. And for that I’m grateful.”

~Jeremiah Crowell

1. Why "Creative Witchery"?
Doing your fullest and best creative work--and creating the life you want--are fundamentally acts of magic.

Here's how we work with the magic of creation in the Creative Witchery Circle:

1. We get to the true roots of creative block. Too often, when we aren’t writing or doing our art, we say it’s because we’re afraid, or we don’t have time, or our ideas have dried up. On the surface, those are the problems.

Underneath, though, there are deeper things going on: blocks on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels. The Creative Witchery approach--which combines the principles of magic with transformational modalities and practical guidance--allows us to free ourselves up on all levels so we can do our creative work and create what we want in life.
2. We go deep so you can do your best creative work--and succeed at creating a life you want. Again, to do powerful creative work, all parts of you (physical, mental, energetic, emotional, spiritual) need to be at their optimum level. Your body, mind, energy body, emotions, and spirit--these aspects of you correspond to elements we can work with "magically."

Now, when I talk about magic, I’m not talking about what we see in movies, where someone waves a magic wand and fire shoots out of the wand and miracles happen. Magic is using your consciousness, intention, and state to shape reality. It’s deep personal work that we use to create the life and world we want. 

There are principles, processes, and tools we use to transform blocks on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual) so you can get into a divine creative flow, do your creative work, and create the life you want.

The Creative Witchery Circle will show you how to tap into the principles of magic and creation (what I call the "Creative Witchery principles") to do your creative work--and create the life you want. 

2. I’m a beginner. Will The Creative Witchery Circle help me?
Absolutely! As a beginner, you probably have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. But, you’re probably not experienced at handling the blocks that inevitably come up. 

Having the support of The Creative Witchery Circle--week after week, month after month--will help you harness all your energy for your creative work (instead of getting bogged down when you run into fears, doubts, and common creative obstacles). Very soon, you’ll find that you have the creative life you want!

3. I’m already established and/or making money from my creativity. Is this too basic for me?
If you’re looking at this page, chances are you’ve had some problems or creative blocks. Maybe you’re not doing the creative work that’s closest to your soul. Maybe you’re afraid if you pursue a new line of creative work, it won’t make money the way your previous creative work has. Maybe you feel uninspired and your ideas have dried up. Or you get derailed comparing yourself to other people and their success. 

All these problems are connected to underlying blocks in your body, mind, feelings, energy body, or spirit. You might have worked through blocks in one or more of these areas before, but if there are unaddressed blocks in other areas, you’ll still find it hard to do your best, truest creative work. (And if you’re here on this page, chances are you have blocks in one or more of these areas.)

I've worked with creatives who had already achieved a certain level of recognition (publication in The New Yorker, etc.) but were running into blocks. With my support, they were able to move through those blocks and go further and deeper--usually resulting in even more critical and commercial success.

In The Creative Witchery Circle, you’ll discover what’s blocking you now (it may not be what you think!)--and how to transform it so your creative flow returns. You’ll also go deeper with your creativity, so you’re producing creative work that's more powerful and true than any you've done before.

4. Who is this for?
The Creative Witchery Circle is for anyone developing their own individual body of work based on their creativity. Writers, filmmakers, artists, choreographers, composers, photographers, designers--and others developing their own unique work--have all benefited from the Creative Witchery approach.

5. Will you critique my work?
Because this is a support circle meant to support many people, Emmeline does not critique individual work. If feedback is important to you, you may connect to creative colleagues and supportive friends through the circle. 

However, because creative blocks are so often tied to excessive concern about what others think, we also encourage you to focus first and foremost on doing creative work that feels true, authentic, and powerful to you.

For individual support in developing your deepest, truest, most powerful work, you can also apply to work with Emmeline as a private client.

6. Will you help me publish/market/sell my work?
The focus of The Creative Witchery Circle is creating and doing. The Circle does not offer tips on publishing, selling, or marketing your work. 

However, many of Emmeline’s clients have found that using the Creative Witchery principles led them to increase their income substantially, find an agent, work with celebrities, and more.

If you want to dramatically uplevel your creative career or your income, you can apply to work with Emmeline as a private client.

7. I’ve been blocked/avoiding my creative work for decades. Can The Creative Witchery Circle really help?
Yes, absolutely. Often a block will seem huge because it’s been around for a long time. But, all this means is you haven’t discovered how to get past it. Most likely you’ve been trying to address this block in the wrong way--for example, working on it mentally when the the block is actually energetic or spiritual. 

In The Creative Witchery Circle, we work on all five levels of a block--how it shows up in your body, mind, feelings, energy body, and spirit. Besides that, I also share some very practical techniques to get past blocks (because sometimes it just takes a small practical tweak to solve problems that seem really big).

Between all this--and the community of support--we can transform blocks, no matter how big or old they are.

8. Can I test it out?
You can subscribe for as little as one month. During that month, you can work with the material as much as you want. At the end of the month, your membership will be automatically renewed, unless you choose otherwise. You can also cancel at any point (you will have access for the remainder of the month). 

We do recommend that you engage actively in the circle for a minimum three months (and ideally six months or more). This will allow you to have support through the resistance that will naturally come up during the creative process.

9. Can I do this with friends?
Yes! In fact, we recommend you do. When you join with friends, you have built-in accountability buddies and cheerleaders. The more community and support you have, the easier you’ll find it to get past blocks and do your creative work. (If you want to invite your friends to join you, share this page URL with them so they can sign up.)


Incredibly helpful... [I was] much more productive than usual.

“Your advice yesterday was *incredibly* helpful - I used the first process you recommended - and it was much more productive than usual. I also used the second process you outlined and it really, really helped. 

Also, I downloaded the book you recommended and read it and it might be the most helpful book about the art-making process I've ever read - THANK YOU so much!!"


Only $57 per month
or $597 annually 
(Join now to lock this price: It WILL go up for those who step in later.) 
Are you ready to start doing your creative work?
Step in... and let's begin.
Only $57 per month
or $597 annually
(Join now to lock this price: It WILL go up for those who step in later.) 
P.S. Still “thinking about it”? If you know deep down that this same indecision keeps you from having the life you want—then don’t let “thinking about it” become another excuse that keeps you stuck. Unleashing your power only takes a single step. Join now--and give yourself the gift of the life you really want.

P.P.S: Still have questions? Ask me anything in your mind or heart. I want you to make a decision that’s right for you. Reach out to me at emmeline(at) and put “Creative Witchery Circle question” in the subject line. 
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