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Vision and Mission

I believe everyone is creative. I believe if you feel a call to create something, you serve the world by following that desire.

When you express the real you and bring your unique creativity into the world, you give the world a profound gift. And as each person does this, one by one, the world becomes a better place.

I am committed to a world where everyone can express their unique creativity–and live with magic, love, joy, and abundance. And it’s my mission to help bring that world into being.

Creative Witchery® principles:

1. Honor the Real You as divine.

Deep within you, there is a Real You. S/He is connected to your soul’s deepest desire–to the life you were meant to have–and to the larger wisdom of the Universe.

2. Be the creator of your life.

You are a powerful creator. When you take 100% responsibility for your life, and when you open yourself to the divine support that exists around you, you can truly create the life you want.

3. Cultivate yourself as a vessel of divine creativity.

You are creative, and you are holy. Honor that, and treat yourself as the divine vessel you are. Take in what nourishes and supports you; take in what allows you to grow. Notice what does not; and let go.

4. Play to uncover your divine path.

The Real You knows what you truly want–and what will most fulfill you. And S/He communicates with you through play. Play and delight are your soul’s way of telling you what you are meant to do.

5. Open to the wild, ecstatic, and holy.

The world is wild, big, and mysterious. There is more creativity, beauty, love, support, wonder, magic, money, and opportunity around you than you can see. Allow yourself to dance with this world of possibility, and you can create miracles.

6. Commit to deep joy and pleasure.

Joy and pleasure are the spring from which everything flows. When you say yes to deep joy and pleasure first, all else follows. Creativity flows. Decisions come naturally. Action is easy. And you feel fully alive.

7. Live fully and truthfully.

Follow your dreams. Tell yourself the truth. Feel all your feelings. Live the life you truly want to live.

8. Love yourself and others with deep compassion.

When we give love to ourselves and others, life is sweeter and better. When we give ourselves compassion, we are supported by a deep well of self-love. When we love others with the same love and compassion, we bring peace and connection into our lives.

9. Create community that supports you in your power and vulnerability.

When you have a community that celebrates your power and supports you in difficult times, you can expand with freedom and ease. When you can share every success and joy without worrying that the people around you will feel bad–and when you can share your most difficult truths with complete honesty–only then can you create your most magical, joyful, and love-filled love.

10. Connect to the mystery and wonder of the world.

See the beauty in a tender twig. Honor the bygone majesty of a hulking wreck. Be present to the tears in a stranger’s eyes. Open your arms to the big wind. There is so much in this world. Be a part of it.

11. Trust.

Trust that the Universe will meet you and support you. Trust… Soften…. Open… and you will see the opportunities around you.

12. Live from abundance.

There is enough–and you are enough. Live from abundance. Let go of “I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough…” Look instead at what you want to create and choose what will support you. Invest. Trust. Act. You will receive in return.

13. Act from imperfection.

You are human, and we are all human. We cannot know or control life. Instead of waiting until you know or can control everything, sink in, listen to the Real You, and then act.

When you live by these principles, you open yourself to the Wild, Insightful, Transformational, Creative, Holy, Ecstatic, Real You. You open to your creativity, create the life you want, and live with joy and magic.

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