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JoyFULL Profit in 2015 Week


JoyFULL Profit in 2015:

A Week to Bring in High-Paying Clients

A FREE Virtual Event: January 19-23, 2015

(YES! You can still sign up. Due to exceptionally high interest, I’ve decided to extend registration. The program emails will be sent on a rolling basis, so you will get all the material even if you sign up after 1/19. See you there!!)

Creative and transformational entrepreneurs: Are you ready to bring in high-paying clients in 2015… with joy, authenticity, and ease?

You started your business so you could pursue your life’s passion. You wanted to make a living from your talents. Choose who you work with, what you work on, and when you work. You wanted to stop working for someone else and stop living on a set salary–and grow a business and income and life that is truly expansive and joyous.

But instead you’re facing this:

  • “I’m looking and looking for clients, but it isn’t happening. People seem interested, but then they don’t sign up.”

  • “My clients get great results, but it’s hard to sign new clients, let alone high-paying ones. People just keep saying it’s too expensive.”

  • “I have clients, but I’m working all hours and still not making enough. I’m giving so much to my clients, and it’s running me ragged. I need to get to the next level and get clients who’ll pay me more!”

You could lose hope. It is discouraging and stressful to work and work without getting the results you want… to not have enough time for your family and friends… to feel like you aren’t bringing in enough income–or contributing your share of the family income. But you also know this:

  • You are meant to do your work in the world.

  • You are so committed to making it happen. Not doing it is not an option–you just need to know how.

  • You believe strongly in investing in yourself, and you are ready to sign clients who have that same commitment to themselves or their business.

Here’s what I want to say: Your bigger self—the part of you that holds the vision—is right. It is possible for you to do the work you love. You can have a passion-based business that pays you well and supports the life you truly want—including time for pleasure and play. You can have ideal, high-paying clients who value your work.

Let 2015 be the year you make it happen.

I’ve created this event, JoyFULL Profit in 2015: A Vision and Action Circle to Bring in High-Paying Clients, to help you do just that. For one work week (January 19-23), you will be supported to through email, audio meditations, a supportive Facebook community, and a telecircle.

During this week you will

  • Connect to your vision for joy and profit in 2015

  • Learn a simple five-step system to sign high-paying clients (and how it applies to your business)

  • Step into who you need to be to bring your vision to life


FREE virtual event (online + telecircle): participate from the comfort of your own home

January 19-23, 2015

The event includes

  • 5 daily emails (one per day, Monday-Friday) with written content and an audio exercise, sharing the 5 Simple Steps to High-Paying Clients
  • A Facebook group (for participants only) for community sharing, support, and  growth
  • One telecircle (Fri 1/23, 12-1:30 p.m. ET) where you will go deeper into the 5 Simple Steps to High-Paying Clients and step into WHO YOU NEED TO BE to reach your income goals


Start 2015 with a burst of clients, income, and joy: Sign up now.

Success stories

Increased my monthly income by 50%… I feel more satisfaction and joy because I am working exclusively with clients that are aligned with my vision.

“When I started working with Emmeline, I was splitting my time between New York, Brussels, and Seoul as a freelancer. Although it seemed glamorous on the surface, I was afraid of committing to one place or project, terrible at making decisions, and struggling with financial instability.

We worked on my vision and mission for life, and how to align all of the areas of my life with it. I identified where my strongest income streams were, and also eliminated projects that were mentally and emotionally taxing. After three months, I learned to stay open and confident about new opportunities and increased my monthly income by 50%. (I am now on track to make well over six figures this year.) But most importantly, I feel more satisfaction and joy because I am working exclusively with clients that are aligned with my vision.

~Mary Kim


From the very first contact with Emmeline, magic began happening in my business… 4 clients and over $10,000 in 3 months…

From the very first contact with Emmeline, magic began happening in my business. I knew I was a definite YES to work with Emmeline, but I had no idea where my investment for her program would come from. Through my process of beginning to work with Emmeline, a client came to me and paid in full, so I was able to EASILY pay Emmeline in full!

Emmeline has an easy, firm and non-emotional way of being that is SO INSPIRING and the information she offers is super clear, and so is her way of speaking on her expertise.

I have enrolled 4 clients so far (in 3 months), this totals earning $10,148 since we began working together!!!!

I am a big believer in support; I’ve worked with coaches in the past. This is my best experience yet. 

Emmeline gives her full attention and is FULLY present for our calls. She cares and it shows.  I know she is rooting for me in a very real way, in between our calls as well.

She creates a space to be totally free and authentic. I never felt I had to change my way of being in order to be successful.  I recommend Emmeline VERY highly, I am proud to be aligned with her.

~Shane Kulman

Before I was just dreaming and hoping… Now I have a creative career and my own website to showcase my works of art. 

“Before I started coaching with Emmeline, I felt very unhappy with my job. I’m such a creative person, but for years I had not drawn or painted or sculpted. I wasn’t being creative at all, and I also spent so much time helping people that I didn’t have time to do all the fun things I wanted to do. I felt like my goals were so complicated to accomplish, and I didn’t know where to begin.

Emmeline made the steps of changing seem effortless. She coached me in creative ways, designed for my hectic, stressful life. She helped me decide on a career change, to figure out the pros and cons. This was a daunting decision to make, but I am so much happier at work. Everyone comments on my happier out look and smile on my face. She also opened up a window for me to stand in my worth, and I made back the money I had put into the life coaching with Emmeline.

Now I have a creative career and my own website to showcase my works of art that in the past no one had seen. I am starting to create my new animated film with a Women’s Animation Group in NYC. I draw every day. It feels fantastic. Before I was just dreaming and hoping, but now I’m actually creating art, making connections, and getting people involved to help me.

~Gina Bari


Start 2015 with a burst of clients, income, and joy: Sign up now!

Working with Emmeline has turned what was only ‘possible’ into something that is actually happening.

I am a lot less intimidated by life’s challenges now. I wake up in the morning looking forward to tackling what lies ahead instead of walking around with the sinking feeling that I will not be able to get anywhere.

After every session, I feel like a burden has been lifted and I’m moving through life more effortlessly. This might have seemed unlikely to me before I actually experienced it, but now that I’ve been doing the coaching sessions, it’s exactly how I do feel.

Working with Emmeline has turned what was only ‘possible’ into something that is actually happening. I was not able to do that on my own, so I really appreciate the coaching help. I see myself actually doing things I spent many years just hoping or wishing for.

~Bob Acampora