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True Creative Success: Major career leaps, doing your truest creative work

True Creative Success is a powerful, transformational, and magical program designed to bring out your truest creative work and catapult you to a new level of career and income success.

You will do your truest, best, and most original work… tap into a divine inner guidance to discover opportunities that seem magical and miraculous… and bring your true creative work and money-making together–in a way that is exactly right for you and advances all your life goals.

Who it’s for

True Creative Success is for writers/ artists/ creatives who have a creative career (emerging/established creatives) and are committed to making a MAJOR LEAP in their career.

This program is for you if you’re ready to face and move through what’s stopping you–so you can finally experience TRUE CREATIVE SUCCESS.

Here are some criteria you MUST meet to be a good fit for this program:

  • You have talent, dedication, and motivation–and you have completed creative work that shows promise and skill
  • You’ve achieved some external creative success
  • You’ve made money with your creativity (whether it’s through a “creative day job,” grants and fellowships, or a more commercial version of your work)
  • You are in contact with others in your field (even if it’s a small number–Facebook, LinkedIn, friendly acquaintances, and long-ago friends are all fine)
  • You see people with less talent and originality receive recognition and success. You know you could achieve just as much, or more–if only you could break through and put your real creative work out in the world

This program will be especially powerful for you if you’ve been holding back on doing your TRUE creative work to “make money” or “play it safe.” It’s for you if you’re longing to do your TRUEST and most CREATIVE work–and experience SUCCESS doing it.

What you get

Do your TRUE creative work–and take a dramatic leap in your career and income

  • Get clear on your true creative desires and goals
  • Do your truest, best, and most original work
  • Uncover opportunities that take you quickly and easily to your BIG creative goals
  • Bring your creative work and money-making together… in a way that is exactly right for you and advances all your life goals

You will connect to your own “creative magic” and use it in your creativity and life–to channel your most powerful creative work… to magnetize, recognize, and act on “miraculous” opportunities that take you quickly to your goals… to create the creative career, money, and life you want.

This program is a five-figure investment and includes:

  • Two VIP half-days (virtual or live)
  • Deep dive sessions (90 min)
  • One “creative truth” deep dive (90 min)
  • Email and Voxer (voice mail) access
  • Bonus: Membership in the Creative Witchery Sisterhood (a sacred mastermind and group program for creative women)
  • Bonus: Membership in the Creative Witchery Circle: Magic, Action, and Community for Creative Success (a monthly membership circle to support your creative work)
  • Pay-in-full bonus: One “creative genius” deep dive OR one creative review

Once we receive your application, we’ll review it, and if you’re accepted, my team will reach out to you to offer you a 30 minute phone chat with me to go over all the details and get better acquainted. (Applying for this program does not obligate you to participate.)

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