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Creative Jumpstart: Get over what stops you–and do your creative work

Creative Jumpstart is an eight-week program designed to jumpstart your creative work and get you into regular, flowing creation–doing the creative work you were meant to do!

Who is Creative Jumpstart for?

Ambitious and passionate creative people (writers, artists of any type, and all those creating their own body of creative work) who are facing resistance or creative blocks–and want to jumpstart their creative work.


Why Creative Jumpstart?

You’re passionate about your creative work, but you’re not producing. You get stopped by fears, internal resistance, creative problems, too much other work, family responsibilities, and stuff that comes up.



Here’s what you’ll get if you play full out. You will

  • Jumpstart your creative work
  • Do your creative work with flow and ease

Even if you have a family, a day job, or have been dealing with resistance and creative block for YEARS.


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You’ll also

  • Handle the logistical obstacles that keep you from doing your creative work
  • Give yourself internal permission and safety to create
  • Discover a simple, easy, pressure-free way to start doing your creative work
  • Start doing your creative work regularly and consistently
  • Experience the life-changing confidence and joy of knowing that you are finally DOING your creative work


Jumpstart  your work!

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