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The CREATE! Mastermind: Create your breakthrough masterpiece

Together with a hand-selected circle of ambitious, talented writers/ artists/ creatives, you will create a high-level, career-changing piece of work: your breakthrough masterpiece.

Imagine the pride, excitement, and possibility you’ll feel when you look at your novel, screenplay, photo series, film, or creative work.

Now imagine creating it

…without moving to a mountaintop cabin or artist’s colony

…without giving up your family, friends, or life

…without becoming a “starving artist”

…without constantly pushing to “make time” against a sandstorm of to do’s and life obligations

…without getting stopped by the chorus of critical voices in your head, slowed down by procrastination and perfectionism, or sidetracked by guilt, shame, and self-blame

You will do your very best creative work… work that moves and inspires people–and opens up incredible possibilities for your creative career. 

So what makes this possible–and what can you expect from the CREATE! Mastermind?

  1. You’ll be ALL IN with your creative work.

Think about how much energy you spend resisting your creative work—and how much more you’d get done if that energy went straight into your work.

How many months or years have you been trying—and failing—to finish your creative project? How long will you let that continue?

Stale or unproductive habits. Negative mindsets. Limiting beliefs. Lack of passion or courage. Energetic blocks. Emotional patterns. Long-standing family and ancestral wounds. Material and physical limitations.

Whatever is in your way, we’ll transform it so you can devote all your energy to your creative work.

As ALL OF YOU aligns to support your creative work, you will

  • Dare to go for your big creative desire
  • Let go of the old blocks that keep you from going for that desire
  • Find the emotional safety that allows you to create with joy and trust
  • Put in place supportive people and structures to help you create
  1. You’ll set up your LIFE so you can get your creative work done.

Making money. Kids. Family. Friends and community. Your own well-being. With all that, getting to your creative work can be like pushing a boulder uphill.

You’ll set up your life so your big priorities are taken care of—AND you have time to do your creative work. Specifically, you’ll

  • Develop a creative work schedule that truly works for you
  • Find spacious time to create
  • Set up your sources of income so they support your creative work
  • Create a space and environment that inspires your best creative work
  1. You’ll DO THE WORK.

Actually doing your creative work is the simplest—and hardest—thing.

There are so many subtle ways we stop ourselves. You’ll uncover your hidden blocks and move through them—so you can create consistently and reliably.

Yes, even if you’ve had trouble doing your work for years.

Yes, even if you’ve already tried therapy, self-help books, artist’s groups, creative buddies, other coaches, and whatever else you can think of.

I’ve spent over two decades learning what works and what doesn’t.

I’m a master at helping people move through blocks and do their creative work.

Even more importantly, you’ll put in place practices so you can consistently get into the creative flow and do your work. You will

  • Do consistent creative work
  • Discover practices that let you get into powerful creative flow
  • Collaborate powerfully with people to reach your creative goals
  1. You’ll do QUALITY work.

Making something good is the key to success.

There are so many definitions of “good” and “success,” but here’s what’s always true: if your work is bad by the standards of your field, you won’t make it.

And if you want long-term success, your work needs to be good.

In the CREATE! Mastermind, you’ll

  • Uncover the deepest truths hidden in your creative work—and bring it out—so your creative work moves people and changes lives
  • Find the right support for honing your craft and taking it to the next level
  • Discover the unconscious emotional patterns that limit your craft—and transcend those limits to do your most powerful work yet
  • Do quality work that establishes you in your field

This is how you create your breakthrough masterpiece.

  1. You’ll KEEP GOING until you complete your work.

… with cheerleading, accountability, and supportive eyes on you all the way—and a community of likeminded artists on the journey with you. You will

  • Choose a creative goal that excites you and is doable within a year
  • Make a clear plan for reaching that goal
  • Set powerful short-term and intermediate goals to reach your big goal
  • Have the support to keep going in the face of fear and obstacles
  • Receive transformational work so you can keep creating powerfully

All of this within a community of talented, ambitious artists who share a commitment to creating incredible work and lives they love.

Of course I’ll hand you what’s been working for me and my clients for years.

Working the magic of creation

Most importantly, you’ll activate the magic of creation. You’ll use your intentions, state of being, and actions to create powerful—even miraculous—results.

Once you know how to work “creative magic,” you’ll use it over and over: to do your best creative work ever… and create the creative career you desire.

To find out if you’re a good fit for the CREATE! Mastermind, fill out the questions below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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