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Find Your Theme for 2020

Want to make 2020 the best it can be?

Here’s what I recommend: find a theme for the year.

Your theme connects all your goals, resolutions, and actions by identifying one fundamental quality that will help you reach your goals. Possible themes include courage, gratitude, creativity, abundance, love, spirit, power, healing, persistence, clarity, laughter, ease, curiosity, respect, fun… and more.

Your theme reflects how you want to BE and FEEL as you move through your year. Once you have your theme, you approach each day and action from that theme. Achieving your goals follows naturally.

I first used a new year’s theme in 2012. I was recently married and had just found out I was pregnant. I knew there were big things coming that year: buying and renovating a house; moving; leading a team of copywriters in a launch; leaving my intense advertising job to start a coaching business; and of course, growing a baby, going through labor and birth, and becoming a mother. I knew it could be incredibly stressful, and I knew I didn’t want to push through it, straining myself and my health. I wanted it to flow easily. So “FLOW” became my theme for the year.

In everything I did, I tried to flow. And, even I was surprised at the results. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I moved through all the transitions—and led a copy team in an advertising launch, finished a draft of a story collection, and launched a new website for my coaching business.

There was a lot to do, and there were hard times (including a complicated labor and tough postpartum period ), but through it all, I kept flowing through my life, connected with my heart and supported by the universe and the people around me. I hadn’t expected it to be so effective, but it was. My theme connected me back to the flow I wanted, and everything else flowed from that.

How to create your theme for the year

1. What’s missing?

Look at the different areas of your life (career/life purpose, money, health, romantic relationship, friends and family, personal growth/spirituality, play and fun, physical environment). What is unsatisfying or missing?

2. What do you want?

Now write down what you want in your life this year. What are your goals? Big or small—put it all down.

3. How do you want to feel and be?

Ask yourself: What quality do you need to have to reach those goals? How would you like to feel as you move towards those goals? List all the words that describe how you want to feel and be in the coming year.

4. Choose a theme for the year

Now, look over your list (from #3). Choose one word that calls to you and sums up how you want to be this year. Say your word aloud. See how it feels. Close your eyes and imagine yourself moving through the year with that quality. How does it feel? If it feels right, that’s your theme!

(Send me a message telling your theme for the year. I’d love to know! :-))

5. Live your theme!

Put your theme up where you can see it. Feel it in your body. If you want, you can dance it or create a vision board with images evoking your theme. Most importantly, focus on your theme as you move through each day—embody this quality and live your life from this theme.

Good luck, and may 2020 bring you all the blessings of your theme!!

Solstice Journaling to Bring in More Hope and Light

Winter solstice blessings to you! 

The solstice is the longest night of the year. Many of our ancestors celebrated the solstice by waiting through the long night for the return of the sun. 

This is the dark time, symbolizing those times when life is hard or we walk through the unknown. 

Always, the light returns.

And so this is the perfect time to reflect on what has been dark for us this year–and reconnect with hope.

I’m sharing a journaling exercise with you. May this process bring you through the dark and back into the light of hope.

Solstice journaling and reconnection to hope

Materials: Journal, pen, candle (and matches)

  1. What was dark or hard for you this year? (Goals you didn’t meet? Failures or setbacks? Things you’re grieving or angry about?)
  2. How are you blaming yourself for these things? Are there any ways you’re stuck in a negative mindset?
  3. Take a moment to expand and connect to your Highest Self, the you who is connected to Universal Wisdom. From this perspective, see those self-blaming, negative parts of you with compassion. What words of guidance and compassion does your Highest Self have to offer?
  4. Forgiveness is a key part of freeing yourself from negativity. Releasing fear, anger, or grief–not because you should, but so that you may be free–creates an opening that allows hope to enter. If you can, take a moment to forgive yourself. Hold yourself with true compassion and love.
  5. Light a candle and allow yourself to feel the light of hope entering your life.
Image by ValentinValkov via Adobe

(Winter solstice in 2019 occurs at 11:19 pm ET on Saturday, December 21.)

The Big Magic Behind Artistic Success

Do you want a lot more artistic success? 

Awards, grants, best-seller lists–and all the awesome stuff that comes with that, like the financial security to just DO YOUR ART, when and how you want?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what goes into success–why some artists achieve it… why so many don’t… and exactly what you need to do to have the artistic success you want.

I shared about this in my latest livestream circle: The Big Magic Behind Artistic Success (What really leads to success–and how you can tap into it).

This is brand new–and at a whole new level of insight–so I know it will open up a new level of success for you.

Catch the recording in the Artist in Action Facebook group. It’ll be there until Thursday night, so watch it soon!

P.S. If you want to find out about future circles and events, drop your email here.

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Doing Your Art Even When Times Are Tough

We all run into rough stretches sometimes. But it doesn’t mean your creative work has to stop. 

You can do your art even when the nanny leaves, your house is being repainted, or your partner is away on a business trip. You just need the right approach.

In this video, I share that approach.

P.S. Want support to help you do your creative work even when you’ve got a lot on your plate or you’re dealing with tough things? 

The Artist in Action program is designed to help talented, ambitious writers and artists do their creative work regularly and easily–even when times are busy or tough.

Interested? Email me.

What Separates the Professionals from the Wannabes

Maybe you have a friend who’s a successful artist or writer. She’s published books, gotten a teaching post at a college, won awards here and there. She’s not a huge star or household name, but her career has grown steadily over time. She’s a working artist–a real professional.

What separates her from the people who haven’t made it? 

Some would say it’s talent. 

But, the truth is, there are a lot of talented people in the world. 

Almost every school has its “star” writers, artists, and musicians, but most of those people end up in other careers. Others discover their talent later and are brilliant hobbyists. 

(And so many people die with their creative potential unrealized.)

On the flip side, most professional artists have some degree of talent, and you can’t be completely talentless, but there’s a wide range in what people respond to–and plenty of so-so artists succeed.

Just look at the bookstores filled with derivative novels, movie theaters filled with predictable sequels, and radio stations playing songs that all sound the same. 

Professional success doesn’t require extraordinary talent.

So what really separates the artists from the wannabes? 

Two things: Confidence and perseverance.

Doing your art–and continuing to do it through the ups and downs. 

Being willing to put yourself and your work out there. 

If you have trouble doing your creative work, it’s easy to start wondering if you have what it takes–or thinking there’s something wrong with you.


You’re fine, and you can change the story you tell yourself NOW.

Do your creative work today, do it tomorrow, and then tell yourself, “I am writing regularly now.” (I say writing here, but this is true for any creative work that comes from the soul.)

And you commit to yourself to keep up the streak. You make that as important as anything.

You don’t have to do it perfectly. 

You just need to do it. 

And keep doing it.

Photo by Urupong

P.S. What if you have the drive and determination–but spend more time fighting your self-doubts than doing creative work?

There are actually a few simple steps that can take you “over the hump”–and into doing your art. 

(They work even if you have deep-seated blocks or have been avoiding and procrastinating for years.)

I teach them to my clients in the Artists in Action program–so they can stop fighting themselves… and become the artists they’re meant to be.

Interested? Email me.