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Workshops and Speaking

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I do workshops, rituals, or speaking engagements.

Creative Witchery workshops and rituals include:

1) Do Your Creative Work

A workshop and ritual: Using the Creative Witchery approach, uncover the root of your creative blocks, jumpstart your creativity, and start doing your TRUEST, BEST creative work.

2) Create the Life You Want

A workshop and ritual: Connect to what you TRULY want in life, discover how the “magic of creation” works, and start using  Creative Witchery principles to create a life you love.

3) Make Money With Your Creativity

A workshop and ritual: Discover how to dramatically uplevel your creative career and increase your income. Using the Creative Witchery approach, you will connect to what you TRULY want for your career, uncover the biggest block holding you back, and get in action to make your vision real.

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Professional bio

Emmeline Chang is a writer, coach, and mentor who helps people do their creative work and create lives they love.

She has helped clients end long dry spells and jumpstart creative projects. Succeed at their creative work. Create their dream careers and businesses. Dramatically increase their income. Bring joy and magic into their lives.

Emmeline has an AB from Princeton University and an MFA in writing from Columbia University. She has published and taught fiction, run a writing/ editing business for ten years, and led a copywriting team at a top Madison Avenue ad agency. For over 20 years, she has also trained in creativity, business success, coaching, and transformational modalities. Founder of the Creative Witchery approach, Emmeline draws on practical outer tools and deep inner tools—as well as a passion for play and ritual—to help clients do their creative work and create the lives they want.

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