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1) The Creative Witchery® Circle: Magic, Action & Community for Your Creative Success

A membership site that gives you ongoing online support for your creative work

Get past fears. Do your creative work. Find your path to success.

Connect with a community of creative people for accountability and support.

Weekly guidance, magic, and practical tips.

Find out more here.

2) The Creative Witchery® Sisterhood: Free Your Creative Magic

A sacred mastermind and group coaching program. Six months of support, sisterhood, and magic:

Deep foundational work to create the life and creative work you want.

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3) Creative Witchery® True Creative Success

I take a few clients for one-on-one work. The True Creative Success program gives you the support to do your TRUE creative work and create major SUCCESS.

  • Break through major creative blocks: doing art again after a ten-year dry spell, writing regularly for the first time in years, going from spotty production to regular publication
  • Major career advances: getting an agent, producing a TV show with a celebrity’s production company, publishing a book, making films, publishing regularly with The New Yorker, and more
  • Making money: launching new creative careers, starting successful businesses, replacing “day jobs” with lucrative creative work, signing high-paying clients, doubling or tripling monthly income
  • Discovering the creative direction that is TRULY right for you
  • Doing your deepest, best, and most creative work

True Creative Success is for people who have had experience and success with their creative work and are ready to take a major career leap.

You are an ideal candidate if you are:

  • Ambitious and highly motivated
  • Open to personal and spiritual growth
  • A decisive, action-oriented person who gets results (not necessarily in a traditional career)
  • Ready to invest in yourself and make major leaps

To find out more about True Creative Success, click here.