Find and Free the Real You
A 6-week program designed so you can discover what you really want, clear major blocks to action, and start LIVING the life you want
It’s painful not to live the life you want. 
Your creativity... hidden away like folded wings. 
Your dream... a mist that escapes your grasp. 
Your spirit... an ember smothered under ashes.

What if you could clear away the inaction and indecision, 
know how to discover EXACTLY what your soul wants, and 
unleash the courage and wild creativity to make your dreams real?

Find and Free the REAL YOU
Hi, I'm Emmeline Chang. I'm a writer, coach, mentor. 

I'm blessed to have a life I love: writing fiction and helping people create lives they love, living in Brooklyn with an amazing husband and two adorable sons, with a business that lets me work wherever I want and have the flexibility for midday yoga sessions, play dates with my sons, or time to visit my out-of-state parents.

But, it wasn't always this way. For years, I was paralyzed by writer's block and fear of failure. I tried so many forms of personal growth work and transformational trainings. And eventually two things happened: I found a way to move through my fears and write... and I discovered my second passion, helping people unleash their wild creativity and live with magic and joy.

Over the years, I've helped a lot of people live lives they really love... freeing their creativity, finding their purpose, and making money from their passions. 

One thing I've discovered along the way: none of that can happen if you aren't following the Real You. You see, deep inside, the Real You knows what life you're meant to live... what life will truly fulfill you. 

And it's always sending you signals about how to have that life. But most people don't listen--most of us don't even know how to hear those messages. Instead, we listen to social messages about what we "should" do. When you do that, the Real You tries to get you back on track. It resists what you don't love. It causes you to sabotage yourself. It can even make you sick.

If you don't have the life you want, you aren't listening to the Real You. In fact, the only way to have the life you want is to find and free the Real You.

However, many things can keep you from the Real You. I've designed this program to help you overcome those exact obstacles and challenges.

Challenge 1: Indecision and "fear of commitment"
Sometimes you worry about making the wrong decision. What if you make a mistake? Even the smallest choices can feel weighed down by big consequences. 

You know better than anyone how paralyzing that is, how it stops you from taking action... and ultimately keeps you from having the life you want.

In this program, the first thing you'll discover is the SIMPLE, CLEAR way your body tells you what's right--and exactly how to use this in everyday life. The Real You already knows the life you're meant to have. By using this technique, you can stop going around in circles, second-guessing yourself, or reacting from fear or avoidance. 

You'll always know which choice will lead you to your most joyful, fulfilled life.

Challenge 2: Time
You have a lot going on. This program is designed to support and fit into your life. Each week, the core content is delivered in one hour per week. You'll have the option of attending a live call or downloading a recording so you can listen any time, any place. Plus, fun sheets, play dates, and meditations are all made to be FUN... so you'll look forward  to doing them!!

Challenge 3: Money
I've deliberately priced this program to be very accessible--and designed it to be an incredible value. 

As part of my own personal growth and professional training, I've spent well over $100,000. In this program, I've taken what I learned and distilled it through my experience and my clients' experience--to give you the most focused, effective, and magical way to find and free the real you.

I share techniques I use with my highest level private clients (who pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars). My clients have launched creative careers after decades of being afraid. They've transitioned to their dream careers. And, most importantly, they're overjoyed to do what they were always meant to do.

So if money is a consideration for you, know that you're getting a LOT of value--for a very reasonable investment. (I'll share the investment in a bit; first I want to walk you through the rest of the program.)

Challenge 4: Skepticism
Does this stuff really work? Can it really change my life? Are you just selling hope?

First, let's talk about the program: I've distilled techniques that I've used to get big results in my life, and with client after client, for years. I know deep in my bones that the processes I share work.

Now, about your thoughts: Skepticism can be useful; it can be a wise reaction from your "inner bullshit detector." It can also be a mental habit that comes from fear--and shields you from failure but also keeps you from doing anything to change your life.

In this program, I specifically show you how to recognize when a thought is limiting and blocking you... and when it's coming from your inner wisdom. You'll discover how to clear the mental blocks--so your thoughts will no longer stop you from having the life you want. 

Instead, your thoughts will be a powerful, magical force that you use to create the life you want and deserve.

Challenge 5: Fear of Failure
This all sounds great, but I don't know if it will work for me.

This is a really common concern--I know from years of experience. And, I know from those years of experience exactly where people get stopped when they try to change their lives. 

So I've designed this program to follow the natural process of HOW people transform--showing you the steps and guiding you to move through each step successfully.

Your fear of failure is part of the first stage. And if you can move through it--if you can stop looking at your past failures and projecting those onto your future--you can have a different future. 

This program supports you through that fear... and lets you release the past... so you can have the life you truly want.

So how do you have this magical life?
Week 1: Find the REAL YOU
If you don't have the life you want, this didn't happen overnight. You got social messages about the "right" way to live your life or about what would really make you happy. So you followed the path that was laid out in front of you.

The problem is, things didn't turn out the way you thought they would. Maybe a marriage ended... or you don't know what to do now that your children are more independent... or your career or business isn't fulfilling you. 

So you wonder, what next? How do I make the right choice? The thought of making the wrong decision and losing years of your life terrifies you.
Fortunately, the Real You already knows the life you were meant to have. This knowledge is encoded in your body and soul. In this program, you'll discover 
* A SIMPLE, CLEAR way to uncover this wisdom
* How the Real You tells you what it really wants 
* A shortcut to your unique brilliance and highest purpose 

... so you always KNOW which choice will lead you to the life you want.

Week 2: Free the REAL YOU 
(from fears, blocks, and more)
Even after you know what you truly want, so much can get in your way. Mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks come up--and if you don't address all three, you'll struggle (and almost definitely fail) to create the life you want.

If your beliefs are limiting you, you'll believe you can't do it, fail to see possibilities,  or talk yourself out of opportunities. Emotions can keep you stuck in an endless cycle of fear, avoidance, guilt, shame, and paralysis. A family history of sacrifice, struggle, violence, or oppression might affect you in ways you don't even realize.

In this program, you'll discover
* A reliable way to determine what's really blocking you
* How mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks manifest... and how to clear the specific blocks in your way 
* How to use the power of the Real You to get past blocks

And once you free the Real You, you can create the life you want.

Week 3: Activate your wild, magical, creative self
Here's where it gets really exciting! All the old limits begin to fall away. You break out of the “autopilot” mode, programmed by other people’s values and beliefs … and open your heart to the Creative Witch(TM) within you.

Your Creative Witch is the

S/He transforms fear. Obstacles bring out her wild insight. Healed from the poison of MEEKNESS, S/He unleashes her CREATRIX powers to create the life your soul is craving. 

You know your path deep in your soul, dance in the playground of your imagination, and light up the world with your magic.

Week 4: Put the magic in action
And during this week, you breathe. 

You live the life as a Creative Witch, taking steps, working magic through your insights, decisions, and actions.

Week 5: Keep it going... with magic and joy
Now you are on the journey. And what will arise for you, arises.

Old ways (to be shed). 
New anxieties (to be transformed). 
New opportunities (to change your life). 
New sisters, friends, and community (to support your new life).

Instead of going back to your default ways when you hit a bump... or sabotaging yourself just when it starts to get good...

...You practice dancing with the mystery. Leaning into the emotions. Playing with the possibility. Opening to magic and wonder and joy.

Week 6: Step into the future
And now, on the threshold, you will receive the guidance that helps you step powerfully into your future.

You'll explore what's next for you and create a divine action plan for HOW to reach your creative DESTINY. 

Before I was just dreaming and hoping… now I have a creative career and my own website to showcase my works of art. 

“Before I started coaching with Emmeline, I felt very unhappy with my job. I’m such a creative person, but for years I had not drawn or painted or sculpted. I wasn’t being creative at all, and I also spent so much time helping people that I didn’t have time to do all the fun things I wanted to do. I felt like my goals were so complicated to accomplish, and I didn’t know where to begin.

Emmeline made the steps of changing seem effortless. She coached me in creative ways, designed for my hectic, stressful life. She helped me decide on a career change, to figure out the pros and cons. This was a daunting decision to make, but I am so much happier at work. Everyone comments on my happier out look and smile on my face. She also opened up a window for me to stand in my worth, and I made back the money I had put into the life coaching with Emmeline.

Now I have a creative career and my own website to showcase my works of art that in the past no one had seen. I am starting to create my new animated film with a Women’s Animation Group in NYC. I draw every day. It feels fantastic. Before I was just dreaming and hoping, but now I’m actually creating art, making connections, and getting people involved to help me.

~Gina Bari

Here's what you'll receive in Find and Free the Real You
  • 5 audio training modules that guide you, step by step, through the process of finding and freeing the Real You
  • Weekly fun sheets, play date prompts, meditations, resources, and ritual... because I have discovered that while finding and freeing the Real You is deeply personal and spiritual, it's also a very specific process with elements and stages I can guide you through in a focused way
  • One kick-off call introducing you to the principles of Creative Witchery(TM) (ie, how to shift your being to create what you want in your life) and JoyFULL living
  • One "Magic in Action" week devoted only to taking action--and creating the magical life you want
  • A 1-on-1 future planning session with me to lay out your next steps in creating the life you want
  • A private Facebook community with me and fellow program participants to share insights, questions, advice, and support
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS: Exclusive 60-minute group Q&A session. If you enroll DURING THIS CALL TODAY, you’ll receive access to an exclusive 60-minute group Q&A session with me (during implementation week)
  • EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS: The PlayFULL Soul(TM) mini-course. If you enroll in the next 48 hours, you'll get to join me for four juicy small group sessions where we use play to uncover your soul purpose and soul magic--and plan exciting, fun play dates!!
Program start date: Tuesday, June 13

Early Enrollment Bonus: If you join NOW, you'll also get access to a FREE 6-week program, the PlayFULL Soul mini-course. In it, you'll tap into PLAY and FUN to uncover exactly what you're meant to do in life... and how you're meant to do it. (Takes place April 18 to May 26)

QUESTION: If you could discover exactly what would most fulfill you in life... AND a simple, reliable way of knowing HOW to have that life, what would that be worth to you? 

I’ve invested over well $100,000 in my own growth and professional development (NOT including college and graduate school). And, I’m sharing the inner “secrets” I’ve used to help my high end clients free their real selves and create lives they LOVE.

When you consider what finding and freeing the Real You could do for your life (the sheer joy of doing what makes your heart soar, the absolute pride in BEING someone who makes a big impact, the freedom of finally following your OWN path, the ecstatic creativity and joy of being your wild, true self)… how often you can use these processes (every day, and in every aspect of your life)… and how easy I’ve made it for you to do this program (convenient access on your own schedule), you can see how I could easily charge thousands for this program—and get it. Especially given that I’m including foundational information that clients in my other programs gladly invest thousands of dollars in. 

Here’s the GREAT news…

I'm all about helping you live the life you truly want! And I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in your way. So, are you ready to let go of the blocks keeping you stuck in a life that isn't true to YOU? I hope so... because I can’t wait to see the magic and joy explode into your life. 

Click on the button below to join me... and Find and Free the REAL YOU!!!

(Regularly $597; $497 if you enroll in the next 48 hours)

I am living the good life I envisioned for myself... I make more money freelancing on fulfilling projects than I did at my job and I'm writing consistently and productively.

“When I started with Emmeline, I had decided to quit my well paying job to pursue more fulfilling work, had been unable to write consistently for months, and felt as if I wasn’t making the decisions about where to take my life. Now, I can say happily that I am LIVING the good life I envisioned for myself at the start of our work together. A year later, I make MORE money freelancing on fulfilling projects than I did at my job and I’m writing consistently and productively.

Emmeline’s clear-headed, creative problem-solving have helped me to stay on track, always heading toward my goals, making adjustments when necessary but always moving forward. Her advice has changed my writing habits immensely — helping me become WAY more productive than I was in the past. And our visioning sessions have been very potent, helping me clearly “steer my ship” through life decisions. And for that I’m grateful.”

~Jeremiah Crowell

Are you ready to Find and Free the REAL YOU?
Step in... and unleash the magic hidden inside you.
(Regularly $597; $497 if you enroll in the next 48 hours)
P.S. Still “thinking about it”? If you know deep down that this same indecision keeps you from having the life you want—then don’t let “thinking about it” become another excuse that keeps you stuck. Unleashing your power only takes a single step. Join now--and give yourself the gift of the life you really want.

P.P.S: Still have questions? Ask me anything in your mind or heart. I want you to make a decision that’s right for you. Reach out to me at emmeline(at) and put “Free the Real You program question” in the subject line. 
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