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Emmeline Chang is an award-winning writer, master coach, and creative mentor who helps artists do their truest creative work and build lives they love.

Through partnering with Emmeline, her clients have made dramatic career leaps: finding agents, publishing regularly in The New Yorker, being featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, and more.

Drawing on tools she developed over the past two decades while leading a copywriting team at a Madison Avenue ad agency, running a successful writing business, writing for literary publications, and teaching fiction and nonfiction at well-known NYC writing schools and workshops, Emmeline is a catalyst for career- and life-changing results. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Big City Lit, and Bklyner. Emmeline graduated from Princeton University, has an MFA in writing from Columbia University, and lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two sons.

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 Play, Joy, and Living Your Purpose

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  • Emmeline has helped clients find agents, publish regularly in The New Yorker, get featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, and more
  • Emmeline has been featured in The Huffington Post, Big City Lit, Bklyner, Another Chicago Magazine, and other publications
  • Emmeline has taught over 500 students on topics such as creativity, writing, doing your soul’s work, and making money with your passions


  • How to do your true creative work
  • The keys to powerful, original work
  • The “magic of creation”
  • Dealing with creative blocks
  • Overcoming fear and other obstacles
  • How to find time for your creative work
  • Building a life that supports your creative work
  • How to make BIG leaps in your creative career


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