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Creative Witchery Sisterhood

The Creative Witchery Sisterhood: Create Your Magical Life

A sacred mastermind and group coaching program.

Six months of support, sisterhood, and magic:

Deep practice in using Creative Witchery practices to create the life and work you want.


Program results

  • Do your most inspired creative work
  • Unleash your magical creatrix powers to create the life your soul is craving
  • BE the woman who knows her own path deep in her soul, dances in the playground of her imagination, and lights up the world with her magic


Other results

  • Uncover the TRUE KNOWING already within you… and discover the plan for your CREATIVE DESTINY already encoded in your body and soul
  • Clear the fog of FEAR, break the hex of mediocrity, wipe the haze of meekness from your eyes and… claim your birthright to unapologetic JOY… EVERY day
  • Burn for your CRAFT and harness the power of CREATION deep within you
  • Open your mind to the flow of exact steps behind your creative DESTINY and move towards your dream with EASE and TRUST and SUPPORT


As a part of the Creative Witchery Sisterhood, you will receive

  • Ten deep-dive group calls (held over Zoom, 75 min each)
  • Two “Elements of Creative Witchery” virtual retreats to activate your magical creatrix powers (3 hours)
  • One Get Your Creative Work Done day (5 hrs)
  • Access to the Creative Witchery Sisterhood Facebook group for support and community
  • Six months of membership in the Creative Witchery Circle (a community for magic, action and creative success)


The Creative Witchery Sisterhood is a mid-four figure investment.
To be considered for the Creative Witchery Sisterhood, fill out the application below.

If you are a good candidate, we will schedule a brief call (30-45 min) to talk about what you wish to get out of the program and confirm that it is a good fit.

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