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Live Your Joyfull Path

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Your Biz: Halfway House, or $20k/Month Playground?

Today I want to talk about doing your dream “halfway.” Maybe you’re working as a healer, writer, coach, or filmmaker… but you’re not doing what you really want to be doing, or what you’re meant to be doing: the work that delights and inspires you and feels like play. You’re doing what’s “safe” or what sells, and you’ve kept your true vision hidden deep in your heart. Maybe there’s a book or screenplay you’ve meant to write, or a way of working you’re afraid to try in case it’s too “out there” for your clients.

shutterstock_332911595I want you to know: You can do what you truly want. In fact, if you want deep joy and success, you must do what you truly want.

You already know not going for your TRUE vision is eating away at your soul. But here’s what you might not realize: Even in your “safe” career, not doing your TRUE heart’s work is hurting your income and success.

Here’s how:

  • You look bland and easily replaceable—like every other healer/coach/writer/artist out there: When you keep your brilliance and true vision inside, what your potential clients see on the outside is a “best of” hit mix from everyone you’ve ever trained with. Maybe it’s good, but it doesn’t motivate people to work specifically with YOU (or pay you top fees).
  • You’re not having fun—so you look uninspired and uninteresting… which never helps you get clients!
  • You can’t market yourself—so your income suffers: When you feel half-hearted about your work (because it’s not your TRUE work), you hold back on promoting yourself. Or you keep your rates “reasonable” (aka, not as high as they’d be if you knew you were a rockstar and thought leader). Or you don’t stand up for your rates. All this leads to drama: big money months followed by crashes, moods that swing up and down with your income, household stress because you’re not bringing in enough.

But you want to change the world with your message and your story—not live a bad business soap opera!

So let’s talk about what keeps you from going for your TRUE vision. Is it fear? A need for “safe” income? And how do you get past all that to bring your true brilliance into the world—and start having FUN again?

Join me to find out!


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  • Why your “safe” approach is actually the REASON behind your “too much work, not enough money” business

(“Safe approach” test: close your eyes and think about your biz… the first feeling that pops up is NOT pure, “leaping from your bed” every morning…JOY)

  • How to follow the PLAY muse, turn your business (and marketing) into a PLAYGROUND, and ditch the blindfold keeping you from the $10K or even $20K opportunities WAITING patiently for you to see them…THIS month (yes, even in your “break even” business)
  • Why your personal THREE-headed SABOTAGE MONSTER is not going down, even after all the mindset AND marketing work

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  • A simple three-step process to bring out your inner “as seen on Oprah” thought leader… quiet the “I feel like a FAKE” whispers… attract passionate, ready-to-pay-top-rate clients… and draw in your “you speak directly to my SOUL” readers and super-fans
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Join me, and prepare to have fun!!

Why it’s hard to do it

shutterstock_336184877Yes, IT can be hard. (What is IT? Moving toward your big vision, of course. That thing you dream about constantly, that purpose that you’re here on earth to fulfill.)

Even the best of us—the hugely committed, fiercely determined, big-dreaming, ambitious ones—feel the anxiety and want to flee (to Facebook, to busywork, to food or abstract spiritual work).

Some people believe if you’re feeling resistance, it’s a sign: whatever you’re doing isn’t right for you. And yes, our Essential Selves do throw up big resistance when we’re on the wrong path. (That’s why you drag your heels and show up late for the meeting you didn’t want to go to…)

But, we also resist the big vision in our heart. We can resist taking action on those visions most of all—because failing there would be devastating.

In fact, we need to overcome resistance to do just about everything that’s good for us: whether that’s exercising, putting down the riveting book and going to bed, getting out of comfy lounge clothes to have brunch with a friend, starting a new meditation practice, or talking to that leader who intimidates us. When we go from a “lower” state to a “higher” one, there’s friction to overcome. That’s resistance. It’s natural.

Here’s how to tell whether resistance means you’re off the path—or just facing fear as you walk towards your dreams. Ask yourself: If I knew I would succeed, would I truly, deeply want this? Not just “would it be nice to have this?” or “would this solve the problems I have now,” but would my heart overflow with joy? If I knew I could have it, would I feel weighed down and constricted—or light and free?



(Wondering what you really want? Apply for a complimentary (1) Income breakthrough session OR (2) Creative breakthrough session!)

Do you REALLY want it?

shutterstock_220006351Deep in your heart, you have a big vision. But something’s in the way, and your vision is still just that—a dream and a hope inside you.

So let’s talk about why your dream is still inside you… instead of real in the world. Here are a few reasons you might recognize:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I don’t have the right connections
  • I don’t have enough time
  • Now just isn’t a good time

Here’s the thing about these reasons. They aren’t what’s blocking you. They are clues to your next breakthrough.

Let’s take money. Suppose you want $15,000 to launch your business, pay for a training, hold a big event, or take time off to finish your novel. You know this is the next step toward your vision. But you don’t have $15,000.

Here’s what I want you to know: While the number in your bank account is “real,” it isn’t the full reality. The full reality is that for every desire, there is a way. You just haven’t seen the way yet, or you aren’t willing to take the steps.

What if you or someone you love suddenly needed $15,000 for a life-saving medical procedure? What would you do? My guess is, you would get another credit card. Borrow money. Sell your wedding dress or jewelry or car. Cash in an investment. Have a Kickstarter. Hold a fundraising event. Use your retirement account or home equity. Reach out to everyone you know for clients, work, or opportunities. Ask people to pay back money they owe you. Cancel the gym membership you aren’t using. Get another job. Ask for a raise. Get on the phone to generate business and refuse to stop until you had made your money. You would dig deep into your creativity, resourcefulness, and power—and you would find a way. 

Now, listen closely: Those same avenues are available to you now. You just haven’t been willing to use them. You may want more income but haven’t asked your clients for referrals because you’re afraid of seeming crass. You may want to expand your business but won’t borrow money because you don’t want to “be beholden.” You may want an important business training—but won’t cash in an investment because “it’s only supposed to be used for [X].” There are things you haven’t been willing to do.

This is true of money, time, energy, experience, and every other resource out there. If you want it, there is a way.

What you need to know is this: To have a breakthrough, you need to do the thing you’ve been unwilling to do. If you could get the result you want doing what you’re doing now, your dream would be reality (or clearly on its way), wouldn’t it?

So what is the step you’ve been unwilling to take? (This is where your breakthrough is.) Is it turning off the TV early so you can get up an hour earlier to write your novel? Moving past intimidation to talk a leader in your field? Paying for the childcare or administrative support that will let you get your soul’s work done? Getting over your fear of self-promotion so you can grow your business? Raising money for the training that will take you to the next level? Risking rejection or failure to take bold action?

Where is your breakthrough? Explore more here.

Why you aren’t good enough

pic for postIt’s a cliché in the coaching industry to say “you are good enough.” But here’s the truth: maybe you aren’t. What kind of results are your clients getting? How are their lives or businesses changing? Are they moving on because they got so much from you that they don’t need more? Or signing with you again because their results with you were so powerful and life-changing?

If their results are so-so, maybe you need to get more training. Or rethink how your services are structured. Or change the kind, amount, or type of support you’re providing. All these things could be true. (I do not agree with the too-common view in the industry that life experience is enough and you can just set up shop as a “coach,” “guide,” “mentor,” or any other kind of practitioner without some quality training.)

Here’s another possibility: Maybe it’s because you’re not doing what you do best. You’re not working from your brilliance, your creativity, your sacred spark. (Instead, you’re copying what you’ve seen your teachers, mentors, and colleagues do. You’re being cookie-cutter, like almost everyone else in your field.) Maybe you don’t know what you do best—or how to talk about it so clients are inspired to buy.

Not doing what you do best can cause bigger problems: If you aren’t doing what you do best, your clients can’t do their best. Even worse, you’re most likely attracting the wrong clients. You see, your ideal clients want what you do best. So if you’re delivering a watered-down, worse version of someone else’s brilliance, the people who are attracted to that won’t be your ideal clients. They won’t fully resonate with you—or take in all your wisdom—or get life-changing, business-changing results with you.

However, once you understand what you do best (and how to talk about it), you can attract the right clients. Make more money. Do so much more for your clients. You can give the world what only you have—and do what you were always meant to do.


Love note: Even though you may not be “good enough,” you are enough. You are valuable and sacred and worthy of love exactly as you are. Because your worth is not dependent on what you do or how well you do it. Your worth comes from being you, alive and unique, passionate and flawed and scarred and wise. Your worth comes from your beating, loving heart. Your worth comes from you, and from the Divine. Because you are part of the Divine.

Where are you not doing what you do best? Explore more here.

Straight from the heart: why are you here?

Straight from the heart: Words from my heart to yours–to help you get on your  shutterstock_323189894
path, stay on it, and fulfill it with joy!

You are on this earth to do something. Something meant only for you.

Are you doing it? 

(Here’s one clue: You love it. It feels like play. You could do it for hours, for no pay at all (though you love money too).)

If this isn’t your life, what will you do TODAY to make a change?